New Youth 125cc TER-R 125 Kids Semi-Auto Go Kart WITH REVERSE

Wholesale ATV

$2,349.00 $3,123.99


Wholesale ATV ®


A little bit wider Stance than our Trailmaster & Kandi, etc Mid Size & A little Higher Ground Clearance, High Quality Motor w/ Neutral & Reverse (No Pull start Lawn Mower Engine). Electric Start, 16in Rugged Tires, Horn, etc, etc.

Recommended height 3 1/2ft – 4 1/2ft (Has Speed Limiter)

Brand New Midsize 125cc Go Kart, Real 4-Stroke Engine “Not pull start Lawn Mower Engine” High end Electric Start, Gas Powered,  Fully Automatic with Neutral & Reverse. 

Colors: Blue, Black, Red, Orange, & Green

 This is the High end 125 Semi-Automatic with REVERSE, Front & Rear Hydraulic Brakes, Rack & Pinion Steering, Electronic Start, Kill, Head Lights, Speed Limiter & Bigger Tires.




Engine type: 125cc 4 STROKE

Seat: Adjustable Bench

Transmission 3 speed semi-auto with Reverse

Cooling: Air Cooled

Max Speed: 25-35MPH (Depends on the condition of road and driver's weight)

Exhaust: Pipe Muffler

Starter Electric Start (CDI)

Brake Front & REAR Disc

Tire Size: FRONT – 19*7-8; REAR – 18*9.5-8

L X W X H: 81" x 49" x 55"


Drive: Chain & Gear Rear Driven

Battery: 12v.7Ah

Gas Tank: 0.5 Gallon

Range: M10 miles

Capacity 300 LBS.

Net Weight: 397 LBS.


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