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2007-2019 Can Am ATV, POLARIS, ODES UTV, CF-MOTO ECU Flash Tuning Only!!! - $99


Can Am Maverick X3 Defender Commander Outlander & Renegade

Polaris RZR Turbo XP Ranger Sportsman Scrambler


You Like Power ??? Did you add a Performance Exhaust, Big bore Kit or Cams or want to raise the boost ??? or do you just want your factory atv or utv to run cooler & better ??? Well don't look any further, We are a Exclusive Can Am Performance Tuning Shop, We don't flash other peoples tunes onto your computer, or use "basic tunes" that still require you to adjust your fueling, timing, etc, etc, We write our own tunes in house that already have fuel & everything else already done, it's Plug & Play, easy as that, & we don't have to pry apart your factory stamped & sealed computer to reflash it & then try to caulk it back in the hopes that it don't leak when you go mudding or wash your bike, We plug rite into your factory computer just like the dealer. We have spent hundreds of hours writing tunes for each & every Year, Model, Engine Size, Modification,etc, etc on our own on two In House Dynojet Dynos with Wideband. We've got tunes for most every modification there is, Chances are if you've done it, so have we & we got a tune ready...
 What makes us better ??? Besides 2 decades of experience Tuning Power Sports Vehicles & countless hours writing & testing tunes for every year, make model canam atv, We write our own tunes on our own in house Dynojet Dyno w/ Wide band, we can alter our own tunes & fine tune so no need for any piggy backs, we can do everything rite in your factory computer & no one will ever know.
Proven Tunes, Lots of Recommendations & a lot of the high ups in the Can Am industry use our tunes & dealer to do there own & there customers bikes.. Expect around 3-4 rwhp (Around 5 Horse Power) on a stock 1000 ATV & 25 Horse Power on Turbo charged vehicles like Maverick X3 or RZR XP Turbo & way more on those with exhaust, cams, big bore kits, etc, etc.
Don't waist your $ on one of them blinky boxes "tuners" not because they cost $250-$399 but because all they do is piggy back between your factory fuel injector cables & fool the already preset signal going to them, they don't change your computer, they don't change your fuel tables, they don't change your timing tables, they don't change limiters, etc, etc & you don't have a bunch of wires or have to worry about them getting wet & then shorting out. What we do is alter your already factory tune, everything is done in your factory computer just like factory!!!
Add Power & Don't look back... We will make your atv or utv run cooler, make more power & over all just run better & make your throttle smoother, & more responsive throughout the entire rpm range, We also offer factory tunes to fix the lean condition they come with from the factory that melt your plastics burn your legs or heat up your cab that dealer will never know, Won't void your factory warranty!!!
Our ECU flashes alter the already installed factory tunes, No worries about anything getting wet or shorting out.

We can adjust Ignition Timing, Fuel Tables, Reduce Engine Limiters, Turn Radiator Fans on earlier, Remove Torque Limiters, Raise Rev Limiters, Speed Limiters & allow Gas & Brake at same time & even remove seat belt limiters, turn off 02 sensors, & turn off knock sensors, etc, etc. 

 We have tunes for 400cc all the way up to 1180cc big bore kits with Cams, Aftermarket Intakes, Mav "R" Heads, Ported, Bigger Turbos, Throttle bodies, etc, etc. (If any questions as to if we have your tune just give us a call)
All you got to do is hit the throttle, all our tunes are written in house & have all fuel & timing adjustments already rite on the dime & ready to roll.
You can either bring in your atv/utv to our Memphis, TN location & we can Reflash it rite on the spot, only takes 10-15 minutes, or you can simply mail your computer in to us & we will flash it & mail it back.

Ecu "Computer" removal is easy, all you got to do is remove 1-5 bolts/nuts that hold your computer on, press the pin & twist the lever back removing your ecm from your atv, drop it in the mail with your name & phone# in the box & send it to our (Memphis, TN Store Location), We will get it a couple days, & personally call you to ask specs or what else you want done, flash to your liking & then call you back to verify address & take your credit card payment rite over the phone & mail back out to you the next day.


We don't have to pry apart your computer, we simply plug directly into your factory 48pin connector, copy your tune onto our computer, make copy, make changes to your fuel, timing, etc & then transfer changes back onto your factory computer & in a couple days you got your ecu back & are riding sweet wheelies!!! (Custom tunes available) This does require dyno time at $65 a hour & must make appointment first, but being we don't have to remove or pry open your computer each time to make changes in most cases it can be done in less then 2 hours, we are constantly making new tunes as new products come available, we have most big bore kits, cams, Intakes, Throttle body already done, so chances are we already got your tune.

*If you ever add anymore mods to your atv & need changes done again to match we only charge $50 to reflash to your new changes.
*Also Can be changed back to Stock at Anytime.


The way it works: You can bring in your atv/utv & we can reflash it on the spot only takes 10-15 minutes, or you can simply remove your computer ECM  & drop it in the mail with your name & phone# in the box & send it to our (Memphis, TN Store Only) & when we get it a couple days, we will personally call you to verify what we are doing, we make a copy of your factory tune with your name, make changes to your computer, then one of our girls will call you back to verify your address & take your credit card payment over the phone & off you go, in a few days you got your ecu back & saying man is Wholesale ATV Awesome!!!


Guaranteed!! If you don't like it we'll either reflash, make changes or return it back to stock & return your $.


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