New Kandi 200GKM-2A - 200cc Fully Auto Youth/Adult Go Kart w/LED Light Bar & Alloy Wheels

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$2,899.00 $3,238.00

New Upgraded 200GKM-2A Comes with LED light bar and Chrome Alloy wheels!

Key Features: This is the Lightest 200cc Go Kart made, High Quality, don't let it fool you, this Kart is made to the same standards & is even better then some other 200cc go karts, just lighter & quicker & with Double Wishbone Suspension, (can spin doughnuts all day long)Fully Automatic w/ Reverse, Sport Seats, 4 point Seat Belts, Headlights, Brakelights, Adjustable Seats, etc, etc.

Recommended height is 4ft 6in - 6ft (via Adjustable Seat) Also Have larger & smaller Go Carts aswell, Highend Motors w/ Reverse.

Fullsize Teen - Adult Size Go Kart, Features: Individual Seats w/ Adjustable Seats, Automatic Transmission with Reverse, Tail lights, 19in tires, Parking brake, 11" ground clearance, 440 Pounds Weight Capacity, Hydraulic Disk Front & Rear Brakes. 

Available Colors: Colors: Blue, Black, Red, white, orange


Model : KD-200GKM-2
Dimensions (L x W x H, mm) : 2330 x 1510 x 1320
Weight (kg) : 230
Loading Capacity : 160kg ( 2 perseon )
Engine type : Single Cylinder, 4-stroke, Wind Cooled
Exhaust (ml) : 149.6
From of transmission : CVT (with back gear)
Emission control (with need) : HC:N/A,CO:35g/km,HC+NO:1.5g/km
Highest Speed (km/h) : 60
Front Type/Air Pressure : 19x7-8 10P.S.I
Rear Type/Air Pressure : 18x9.5-8 15P.S.I
Battery : 12V 9Ah
Safety Fuse : 15A
Fuel tank (L): 6.0


*** Product is Drop shipped 90% Assembled and Some Assembly is Required.   Vehicle is fully Assembled if Picked Up from the TN Dealership. 

• Speed Governor for Safety
• Comfortable Adjustable Seats
• Hydraulic Disk Brakes
• Reinforced Steel Framing 
• Aerodynamically improved fork 
• Electric Start Engine

Customer Reviews

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fun for the whole family!

i am currently pretty pleased with my purchase of the Kandi 200! it arrived in a cardboard over steel frame box that was as wide as the semi truck hauling it !it arrived 75% complete im pretty sure i opted to do the final assembly myself saving 500 or 600 the roll bar,portions of the front and rear suspension,seats,seat belts,fuel tank,oil cooler and wheels needed to be added to complete the Kandi which took me an experienced field mechanic approximately 4 to 5 hours to complete as well as the front alignment!my suggestion is if you do not have a good mechanical background then either pay to have it come complete or have a professional assemble this thing because its your family riding on it so you don't want any mistakes when it comes to others safety!i gave it to my family on Christmas they freaked out completely! we loaded it up and took it to the local motor sports park "montessa" where we all took turns giving each other rides i have 7 kids from 6yo to 22yo and the only 1 that could reach the pedals was the little guy but he sure didn't mind taking rides from all of us that could!my15yo daughter was the most fun she could out drive her older brothers.this cart is awesome plenty of go when you hit the gas!so much fun! we love it!just wish we had a couple more!!!

Kandi GKM 200 2A

Just got my Kandi ATV and it is AWESOME! Fast, sharp, and sounds great. I am about 6 foot tall and me and my wife fit in it just fine. My kids love it too. Very please with my purchase. Thank you Wholesale ATV, I know yall are very busy.

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