New Adult - Kandi 200cc GKM-2 - 200cc Go Kart

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Key Features: This is the Cheapest & Lightest 200cc Go Kart made, High Quality, don't let it fool you, this Kart is made to the same standards & is even better then some other 200cc go karts, just lighter & quicker & with Double Wishbone Suspension, (can spin doughnuts all day long)Fully Automatic w/ Reverse, Sport Seats, 4 point Seat Belts, Headlights, Brakelights, Adjustable Seats, etc, etc.

Brand New 200cc Electric Start, Gas Powered Adult sized Go Karts, Tuned, Tested 6 Month Manufacture Warranty

Recommended height is 4ft 6in - 6ft (via Adjustable Seat) Also Have larger & smaller Go Carts aswell, Highend Motors w/ Reverse.

Fullsize Teen - Adult Size Go Kart, Features: Individual Seats w/ Adjustable Seats, Automatic Transmission with Reverse, Tail lights, 19in tires, Parking brake, 11" ground clearance, 440 Pounds Weight Capacity, Hydraulic Disk Front & Rear Brakes. 

Available Colors: Colors: Blue, Black, & Red


Model : KD-200GKM-2
Dimensions (L x W x H, mm) : 2330 x 1510 x 1320
Weight (kg) : 230
Loading Capacity : 160kg ( 2 perseon )
Engine type : Single Cylinder, 4-stroke, Wind Cooled
Exhaust (ml) : 149.6
From of transmission : CVT (with back gear)
Emission control (with need) : HC:N/A,CO:35g/km,HC+NO:1.5g/km
Highest Speed (km/h) : 60
Front Type/Air Pressure : 19x7-8 10P.S.I
Rear Type/Air Pressure : 18x9.5-8 15P.S.I
Battery : 12V 9Ah
Safety Fuse : 15A
Fuel tank (L): 6.0


*** Product is Drop shipped 90% Assembled and Some Assembly is Required.   Vehicle is fully Assembled if Picked Up from the TN Dealership. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Faster delivery than expected. Easier to build than expected. Best price.

I've seen some pretty negative reviews and my experience with wholesale atv has been excellent in all phases. They easily beat delivery. Best price by far. Have seen the same Massimo cart go for over 3200, paid 2549. Sales honest as to delivery dates, and excellent at setting expectations. Which they handily beat.
So much easier to build than the tales of woe I've read. I'm at best a 5 out of 10 mechanically and easily put this together with my 14 yo son, frankly more mechanical than I, in about 4 hours. Fun, great, father son experience. You get most of the tools to build, better than expected instruction manual(Chinese manual sometimes not so good. Not the case here), Also Shop has videos which are very helpful and I'd suggest viewing before delivery. Then the guys at the service center help if you have a question, So help is very available. Bottom line though way easier to build than I feared. WAY.

The product itself, a Massimo gka 200, is so much fun. Runs like a champ. The neighborhood is abuzz they all want to know about this fun. Wife and baby too love it, and it is great at night with incredible lighting. It's fast but not so fast it scares you. Handles well and not back breakingly bumpy. Very solid device. Highly rec the product, and WHOLESALE ATV. Way better than expected. And I'm a hard arse.

Kandi GKM 200

Awesome Adult Go cart! We've had ao much fun on it already. Great business with very nice people.

Go Cart

Wholesale ATV was a pleasure to work with. Go cart was delivered as promised and ready to ride.

New adult Kandi go-kart for small Chinese people.

Kandi 200 go kart looks larger than it actually is I'm 6-foot 235 lbs cramped up in it. And it only does 35 miles an hour.

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